Book :: Machine Learning: A Probabilistic Perspective

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Machine Learning: A Probabilistic Perspective

Level: Advanced
From all books in my shortlist, this one is the most recent and hence the most up-to-date, written by Kevin P. Murphy, a well known machine learning expert from Google. The book contains over 1000 pages and provides a unique and impressive overview of both traditional machine learning techniques such as kernel based methods, and recent advances in machine learning such as deep neural networks. The reason I put this book at the bottom of my list is not because it isn’t a great book -it definitely is- but simply because the book covers almost every important topic in machine learning and by doing so often lacks a bit of depth. The book should be considered as an impressive piece of work to be used as a reference book by those who have some experience in the field. If you think you have nothing more to learn from the books earlier up in this list, and if you want to start broadening your view of the machine learning world, then this is the book you want!

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