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특정 사이트 전체에 대해 Viminum disable

아무것도 넣지 않고, blank 상태에서 Add Rule버튼을 눌러 주면 사이트 전체가 disable된다.

? 키로 키에 대해서 모를때 shortcut 확인

물음표(?)를 눌러, 단축 명령어가 확인 (대소문자 구분)

gf view source

zi zoom in

zo zoom out

/ enter find mode — esc to cancel

n cycle forward to the next find match

N cycle backward to the previous find match

i enter insert mode — esc to exit

yy copy the current url to the clipboard

ba go back in history

fw go forward in history

J go one tab left

K go one tab right

t create tab

자주 사용하는 Key

hjkl (소문자)

scroll 좌 아래 위 우

vim shortcut


H JK L (대문자)

J (Go one tab left) K (Go one tab right)

H (Go back in history) L (Go forward in history)

열었던 페이지 복구

x (닫기), X (닫힌 페이지 복구) 

탭 이동 
닫힌 페이지 복구 


현재창 (소문자) 새창 (대문자)
링크 단축키 보기f F
페이지 열기 o (history)
b (bookmark)

검색 /

한글입력상태에서도 동일하게 사용하기 위해 매핑

# Insert your preferred key mappings here.
map u      scrollPageDown
map b       scrollPageUp

map ㅅ       createTab
\t\tNavigating the page
j, \t\tScroll down (scrollDown)
k, \t\tScroll up (scrollUp)
gg\t\tScroll to the top of the page (scrollToTop)
G\t\tScroll to the bottom of the page (scrollToBottom)
d\t\tScroll a half page down (scrollPageDown)
u\t\tScroll a half page up (scrollPageUp)
Scroll a full page down (scrollFullPageDown)
Scroll a full page up (scrollFullPageUp)
h\t\tScroll left (scrollLeft)
l\t\tScroll right (scrollRight)
zH\t\tScroll all the way to the left (scrollToLeft)
zL\t\tScroll all the way to the right (scrollToRight)
r, ㄱ\t\tReload the page (reload)
yy\t\tCopy the current URL to the clipboard (copyCurrentUrl)
p\t\tOpen the clipboard's URL in the current tab (openCopiedUrlInCurrentTab)
P\t\tOpen the clipboard's URL in a new tab (openCopiedUrlInNewTab)
gu\t\tGo up the URL hierarchy (goUp)
gU\t\tGo to root of current URL hierarchy (goToRoot)
i\t\tEnter insert mode (enterInsertMode)
v\t\tEnter visual mode (enterVisualMode)
V\t\tEnter visual line mode (enterVisualLineMode)
Pass the next key to the page (passNextKey)
gi\t\tFocus the first text input on the page (focusInput)
f\t\tOpen a link in the current tab (LinkHints.activateMode)
F\t\tOpen a link in a new tab (LinkHints.activateModeToOpenInNewTab)
Open a link in a new tab & switch to it (LinkHints.activateModeToOpenInNewForegroundTab)
\t\tOpen multiple links in a new tab (LinkHints.activateModeWithQueue)
Download link url (LinkHints.activateModeToDownloadLink)
Open a link in incognito window (LinkHints.activateModeToOpenIncognito)
yf\t\tCopy a link URL to the clipboard (LinkHints.activateModeToCopyLinkUrl)
[[\t\tFollow the link labeled previous or < (goPrevious)
]]\t\tFollow the link labeled next or > (goNext)
gf\t\tSelect the next frame on the page (nextFrame)
gF\t\tSelect the page's main/top frame (mainFrame)
m\t\tCreate a new mark (Marks.activateCreateMode)
`\t\tGo to a mark (Marks.activateGotoMode)

\t\tUsing the vomnibar
o\t\tOpen URL, bookmark or history entry (Vomnibar.activate)
O\t\tOpen URL, bookmark or history entry in a new tab (Vomnibar.activateInNewTab)
b\t\tOpen a bookmark (Vomnibar.activateBookmarks)
B\t\tOpen a bookmark in a new tab (Vomnibar.activateBookmarksInNewTab)
T\t\tSearch through your open tabs (Vomnibar.activateTabSelection)
ge\t\tEdit the current URL (Vomnibar.activateEditUrl)
gE\t\tEdit the current URL and open in a new tab (Vomnibar.activateEditUrlInNewTab)
Using find
/\t\tEnter find mode (enterFindMode)
n\t\tCycle forward to the next find match (performFind)
N\t\tCycle backward to the previous find match (performBackwardsFind)
Navigating history
H\t\tGo back in history (goBack)
L\t\tGo forward in history (goForward)
Manipulating tabs
t\t\tCreate new tab (createTab)
J, gT\t\tGo one tab left (previousTab)
K, gt\t\tGo one tab right (nextTab)
^\t\tGo to previously-visited tab (visitPreviousTab)
g0\t\tGo to the first tab (firstTab)
g$\t\tGo to the last tab (lastTab)
yt\t\tDuplicate current tab (duplicateTab)
\t\tPin or unpin current tab (togglePinTab)
\t\tMute or unmute current tab (toggleMuteTab)
x\t\tClose current tab (removeTab)
X\t\tRestore closed tab (restoreTab)
W\t\tMove tab to new window (moveTabToNewWindow)
Close tabs on the left (closeTabsOnLeft)
Close tabs on the right (closeTabsOnRight)
Close all other tabs (closeOtherTabs)
<<\t\tMove tab to the left (moveTabLeft)
>>\t\tMove tab to the right (moveTabRight)
?\t\tShow help (showHelp)
gs\t\tView page source (toggleViewSource)
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