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Elementary OS :: https://elementary.io/ko/
Desktop Environments
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Based on Ubuntu 16.04

  • Elementary OS – 0.4 Loki
  • Debian-Unbuntu (apt팩키지 관리자)
  • version: 0.4
  • codename:  Loki
  • interface (Desktop Environment): Pantheon 
  • 64-bit만 지원

Pantheon 데스크탑 환경

GTK-based and Gnome-related
-The panel at the top is called Wingpanel.
-The app launcher is Slingshot.
– The dock is Plank

cf. 다른 데스크탑 환경    
      : Gnome, Xfce, KDE,  Lxde, Cinnamon, Mate, Unity, Budgie, Awesome, Qtile, Razor-qt)

written from scratch using Python and GTK3.

  1. Gala – (Default) window manager.             (Xfwm, Metacity, Marco, Kwin, Compiz,Muffin…) Xwindows
  2. Pantheon files – (Default) file manager. (Thunar, Nautilus, Caja, Dolphin, Nemo…)
  3. Scratch – (Default) text editor.                      (Mousepad, gedit, Pluma…)
  4. Shotwell – (Default) Image viewer.             (             ,Eye of GNOME,…)
  5. GNOME videos – (Default) video player.  (Parole, GNOME Videos, totem…)
  6. Epiphany  – (Default) Web Browser.

Kernel – version 4.4


                                                                   Xubuntu, Linux Mint
Debian ———-Ubuntu ———-ElementaryOS

Linux Distribution Timeline

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