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Vitamin C에 따른 기니피그의 치아성장 효과 (The Effect of Vitamin C on Tooth Growth in Guinea Pigs)

Source : C. I. Bliss (1952). The Statistics of Bioassay. Academic Press.
McNeil, D. R. (1977). Interactive Data Analysis. New York: Wiley.
Crampton, E. W. (1947). The growth of the odontoblast of the incisor teeth as a criterion of vitamin C intake of the guinea pig. The Journal of Nutrition33(5), 491–504. doi: 10.1093/jn/33.5.491.


60마리 기니피그에 대한 3개의 variable

[,1]lennumericTooth length치아(모세포)길이
[,2]suppfactorSupplement type (VC or OJ).비타민 종류(수용성비타민 or 오렌지주스)
[,3]dosenumericDose in milligrams/day복용량 1~3개 dose (0.5, 1, and 2 mg/day)
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